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4-Way Stress Support System 60 Tabs from Pure Essence Labs

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1 Bottle - $24.36
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4-Way Stress Support System Description

Stress is among the most difficult of all health challenges. Because it involves the entire body, a wide range of actions are required to address it completely.

The world's great holistic traditions explain that the extreme stress stems from blockages of the energy known as Liver QI (chee). These blockages weaken the blood, permit dampness and heat to accumulate in the Liver System, and cause the Liver to overact on the Spleen System. Such problems also extend to the Heart System and cause the Heart energy (known as Shen) to be weakened and destabilized. Thus, the holistic approach to stress must free the flow of energy and cleanse dampness and heat from the Liver System, harmonize the Liver and Spleen Systems, nourish the digestive tract and the Heart, and strengthen and anchor the Heart's Shen energy.

Because 4-Way Stress Support System stands alone in doing all these things, it helps you feel not just better, but your very best, while also guarding against more severe health challenges. 4-Way Stress Support System is 100% hypoallergenic (no wheat, gluten, corn, soy, sugar, dairy, yeast, etc.) and contains no animal products, GMO's, or artificial flavorings, colorings, etc.

4-Way Stress Support System Additional Notes

In every moment of every day, the body is busy conducting over one million different types of metabolic reactions. Health is simply a reflection of how efficiently these reactions occur.

Reactions lose efficiency when the cells in which they occur are weakened by a lack of energy, free radical damage, etc. When cells are weakened, they are invaded by various types of excess heat, cold, dampness, dryness, phlegm, toxins, etc. These excesses obstruct biological functions, which leads to discomfort and disease.

When we begin to experience any type of discomfort, our natural instinct is to ease the pain. But, if we calm discomforts without also resolving the reasons they occur, we invite worse health problems in the future. Holistic health care is the only way to resolve both cause and effect, and requires addressing four distinct issues.

  1. Relieve (ease existing discomforts)
  2. Nourish (energize cells throughout the body)
  3. Cleanse (clear excesses that cause obstructions)
  4. Restore (repair and prevent further damage to cells)

While many supplements are natural, Advanced Holistics 4-Way Support Systems stand alone in addressing all these goals at once. Thus, they not only ease discomforts, but actually build better health as they do.

4-Way Stress Support System Recommended Use

One tablet before morning and evening meals.


Not intended for use during pregnancy. Please keep all supplements out of children's reach.

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