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Transform 180 caps from Legal Gear

Transform 180 caps TRANSFORM - Revolutionary Non-Hormonal Anabolic

Everyone wants to bulk up but not at the cost of packing on fat. Only TRANSFORM™ combines optimum muscle building with catabolism prevention, fat burning, cortisol reduction and thyroid increase. In plain talk, the patent pending ingredients in TRANSFORM build muscle, burn off the fat, keep you from storing more fat, keep your muscle from breaking down and stoke your metabolism.

One of the secrets to TRANSFORM's ability to completely revamp your bod, is it's ability to block CORTISOL IN YOUR MUSCLES, so your body isn't wasting it's efforts and rebounding on cortisol. We all know CORTISOL is a nasty little hormone that robs your of your youth, ruins your mood and most importantly MAKES YOU FAT WHILE DESTROYING MUSCLE. Our exclusive cortisol-blocking component prevents BOTH muscle breakdown and fat storage so you don't bury hard-earned muscle under a layer of fat.

Transform Helps You To Gain Muscle While Cutting Weight.

  • Revolutionary new ingredient CDCA™
  • No hormones - safe for men and women
  • Incinerates fat with five powerful ingredients
  • Preserves (anti-catabolic) & builds anabolic muscle
  • Blocks cortisol damage to prevent muscle breakdown
  • Increases thyroid output to speed metabolism
  • Increases energy and focus to push through plateaus
  • Boosts strength to power through heavy workouts
  • Catapults endurance levels so you train longer
  • Adaptogenic complex for optimal muscle building


You CAN'T Afford to Train Without TRANSFORM!

When you take TRANSFORM right after a workout, your muscle remains intact and you avoid the tear down that usually comes with post workout fatigue. Nothing beats a powerful PROHORMONE, like Methyl 1-D™ before a workout and TRANSFORM after a workout to give your body the one two punch it needs to make you a LEAN MASS MONSTER.

Why be BIG and FAT? You've seen THOSE kinds of guys in the gym - big and muscular but looking like they're wearing a "fat coat." TRANSFORM is just what the name says, the ONE product that can TRANSFORM all your hard earned work into the body you deserve: bigger, leaner, stronger, chiseled.

While we hate to brag, one test subject gained 10 pound of lean mass and lost 2 inches off his waist in only four weeks while using TRANSFORM as part of our bulking cycle.

Transform Supplement Facts

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